How much does a wedding planner cost in Italy

How much does a wedding planner cost in Italy

You have decided to get married in Italy and for you and your future husband begins a period full of commitments related to the organization of the wedding. Have you ever heard of the wedding planner? It is the professional figure who helps you, advises you and follows you step by step in the realization of your every wish.

Let's see how much a wedding planner costs in Italy and what are the advantages of relying on his experience and professionalism to give shape to your unforgettable wedding.


How much does a wedding planner cost in Italy   

To organize a perfect wedding in Italy you need ideas, patience, time and of course a certain budget. And it is precisely the costs that often put the bride and groom in difficulty.

Floral decorations, catering, wedding favors are just some of the expenses that you have to be able to bring into the budget available and it is not easy at all, especially if you do not have the right knowledge.

You may need help to guide you through the most accurate choices, save money and make a dream wedding for you. But how much does a wedding planner cost in Italy?

It is a question that is not easy to answer because there is no universal price list. The reason is very simple: its role is to represent your alter ego and satisfy all your requests.

That's why spending becomes variable and depends solely on what you and your promised groom want for your best day. For all the months that separate you from the fateful "yes" the Italian wedding planner will be your greatest friend and ally and will take care of every detail related to your wedding day.

It is not easy to establish a precise cost, but there is no doubt about the savings in choosing to have this figure at your side. We talk about 20% compared to a DIY organization.


Why choose an Italian wedding planner   

Although wedding planners are increasingly in demand, there is still some perplexity on the part of the bride and groom. The reason for this is exclusively due to a lack of knowledge of the advantages.

Often the couple who take the big step does not know how much it costs to organize a wedding in Italy with a wedding planner and is afraid to spend more, but in reality it is an unfounded fear.

Now I want to explain why you should ask for his advice to organize your wedding:

  • Lowering costs. The contacts that an Italian wedding planner has, acquired after years of experience, can help you to reduce the costs of the wedding. Thanks to her contribution.

You can eliminate all doubts about how much a wedding in Italy costs and make a low cost wedding, choosing the suppliers with the best quality/price ratio.

  • Eliminate anxiety and stress. Often the brides arrive at their wedding already exhausted. The stress of the preparations and the anxiety of having forgotten something risk ruining one of the most important days of your life. But if there is a person around you who takes care of everything for you, you will certainly get to the altar more relaxed and carefree.
  • Save time. Although the wedding date is set several months in advance, it seems that time is never enough to arrange everything precisely and accurately. If the bride and groom work, it's even more difficult. Between permits and holidays you end up spending more and increasing stress and nervousness in view of the big event. 
  • Make a wedding unique in Italy. The organization of a unique and original wedding is the only purpose of a wedding planner. On the basis of your feelings, your dreams and your requests, is committed to giving you a fabulous wedding.


Quality and experience at your service

Once the doubts about the cost of a wedding planner and its advantages had been resolved, now all that remains is to think about you.

You no longer have to worry about something going wrong and you have the opportunity to devote only to yourself the time that separates you from the best day. You have chosen to entrust the event you have been waiting for all your life to a person who, with the quality and experience that distinguishes him/her, will work for you and only for you, without ever being intrusive.

You will learn to trust your Italian wedding consultant as if she had known you forever and maybe you will also become friends, because you will create a special bond, the result of trust and feeling.

If you are ready to trust me and my advice, tell me how you imagine your Italian wedding. I will take care of every aspect, from costs to organization, respecting your ideas and of course your budget.

Contact me to have a chat with friends and then, together, we'll see how to organize the most beautiful wedding you could ever want.