5 original ideas for wedding invitations in Italian style

wedding invitations in Italian style

Announcing the wedding means starting that romantic adventure that will take you until the moment of "yes". And it is through wedding invitations that you decide with whom to share this important moment of your life. Do you already know how to make them? Here are some original ideas for wedding invitations in perfect Italian style.


Italian style wedding invitations: what to write?

Participations are the business card of your wedding and must give a precise idea of the type of wedding you intend to celebrate. Traditional or modern? Elegant or rustic? Choose the style of your wedding and follow it to define every detail. 

Your names, next to each other and imprinted on the wedding invitations, are the unique and essential content that cannot and must not be missing along with the date and place of the celebration.

There is no need to write anything else, but you can focus your attention on the originality of wedding cards in Italian style, to give a unique touch, whether modern or traditional.

Ideas for Italian style wedding invitations

Here are some ideas to amaze your loved ones and create something really special that mirrors your union and your love. I offer you five original ideas to say that you are getting married, without being trivial or out of place:


  1. Rustic. If you love DIY, why not create your own wedding invitations? There are so many materials that can express that rustic tone with which you decided to organize your wedding. Raffia and jute are the most common and, artistically made with paper flowers and various decorations, can give you a surprising effect.

Through the addition of coloured ribbons and a few bows it is possible to create an example of a ticket that is also refined, but without ever losing sight of the initial style.


  1. Vintage. In the digital age it can be original to go back in time. The shot of your love in the style of the 60s will surely leave your guests speechless. Polaroid photos are ideal, especially if, to make them even more vintage, you and your boyfriend decide to wear for the occasion also some retro dress or accessory, to be proposed again even on the day of the wedding.


Funny poses or special settings can make the participation even more special and fun.


  1. For those who love the taste and especially the chocolate here is a really tasty idea: a bar absolutely customized with your names. Nice, tasty and also "useful" because of course it would be a shame not to eat it!


The only drawback is that compared to other ideas it is not possible to keep it intact over time, but if you open with the right tricks you can keep as a memory the wrapping of the chocolate.

  1. If you want to add a bit of fun to the originality, then the DIY puzzle participations are the ideal choice. Send in your participations in pieces, and then invite them to rebuild them to discover the romantic announcement inside.


It's a nice way to announce your wedding and let your guests take part in it. After you've put together all the pieces of the puzzle, they can keep it in the album of memories. To re-propose the idea also in the room you could also create the menu in the same way, even ready and framed.

  1. Surprising. You and your husband are the news of the day: why not publish the event in the newspaper? News style press appearances are a really original way to be the protagonists, with lots of photos and articles that say something about you.


If then, as a couple, you like to exaggerate you can even recreate a magazine, where you can create a collage of images that describe your journey together and that will find its realization on the day of the wedding.


Italian style partecipation for your wedding

If you want to amaze but don't know how to do it, let my creativity guide you in the creation of Italian style participations for your wedding. With my experience as a wedding planner born and raised in Italy, I can advise you on the most suitable style and also give you some original suggestions. Get in touch with me and tell me about your wedding.