How much does a wedding cost in Italy

how much does a wedding cost in italy

For the most important day of your life you wouldn't have to worry about the expense: who doesn't dream of a fairytale wedding in Italy? However, you should always keep in mind the initial budget available, to avoid spending too much and then find yourself in trouble.

How much does it cost to organize a wedding in Italy? Let's try to analyze the expenses one by one. You should know that it is not enough to establish a generic amount to be allocated to the preparations, but it is also necessary to implement a proper management of the budget.


The costs of marriage in Italy: everything you need to know

If you've decided to take the big step, you need to allocate part of your savings to the wedding ceremony and everything you need to make it unique.

From the dress to the catering, from the flowers to the location: every detail has a precise cost that you can not underestimate when you determine the amount to be used for the wedding.

How to calculate the budget for the wedding in Italy? Here is a list of items that will help you to understand how much to spend:

  • Catering. The expense dedicated to refreshments is certainly the most expensive. The number of guests influences the overall cost, but also the choice of menu (meat or fish) can be decisive.
  • Location. The bride and groom today dedicate at least 60% of their budget to this item because most of the event will take place in the chosen venue.
  • Wedding dress. Elegant, refined and tailor-made: beauty is priceless and, even if you only wear this dress one day in your life, it must be special.
  • Flowers. As an integral part of the wedding arrangement, floral decorations have their own cost. You will find them at home, in the church, in the restaurant and of course in the bride's bouquet: even without choosing rare flowers you know that the expense will not be negligible.
  • Photographic and video service. You want to capture every moment of your magical day and entrust the photo shoot to those who have experience in the field. The price of the memories, however, is not at all low if you want quality and reliability!
  • Makeup and hairstyle. You can rely on your trusted hairdresser or choose a cutting-edge hair-stylist here in Italy, but you can't styling your own hair on your wedding day. It's still a necessary expense, but not excessive.
  • Music and animation. The first husband and wife dance deserves a special musical background. That's why it's important to know how to choose the right singers to brighten up the day. The costs are higher if you add the animators, to entertain both adults and children.
  • Groom's dress. Even the man needs an elegant dress of haute couture to show off on his big day. Fortunately, prices are lower than when buying the bride's dress.
  • Car hire. Unless you decide to use your car, you'll have to think about renting one to take you to church. The final cost depends on the choice you and your groom make.
  • Wedding organization. Wedding preparations can be very stressful for an excited bride. If you quote the cost of an Italian wedding planner, you can enjoy every moment without thinking about the organization.

Wedding rings and honeymooners may also not be included in the list of expenses.  Usually the rings are a gift from the wedding witnesses, while for the honeymoon you can always open a wedding list.


Where to save and where not possible

According to the statistics, the average budget allocated to the wedding starts from a figure of 15,000 € and depends exclusively on the choices of the future bride and groom.

All the items described above are important, but not all of them are absolutely necessary.

Even if you want a low cost wedding in Italy, you can not do without catering, wedding dress and flowers, but there are other details that you can exclude to save money. Some examples? The cost of a wedding is drastically reduced if we eliminate the animation and the photo shoot.

Even the car can be lent for a day by the friend with the sports model that you like so much. Maybe he will also act as a driver in exchange for a dinner at the bride and groom's house!

Then you can try not to exaggerate with the decorations for the wedding, without being too minimalist or trivial.


How much does it cost to get married in Italy: what a mess!

The organization of a wedding in Italy requires a certain precision, especially in the management of the budget. Needless to say, it is a rather stressful task for a couple that does not live near the chosen location and that in the meantime must also furnish home and carry out normal daily activities, such as work.

Going in search of the simplest solution, perhaps for lack of time, you risk spending more than you need.

In the midst of this great confusion, who can help you?

The Italian wedding planner becomes the precious resource able to manage the situation for you. You don't have to give up marriage in Italy for fear of not being able to manage the budget or for fear of being wrong. Trust in the experience and professionalism of someone who knows how to satisfy you, respecting your possibilities and especially your desires.

You can contact me whenever you want to face without fear the costs of a wedding in Italy and live the wedding that you have always imagined.